BYSS is for the shooter, their family and friends.  We need everyone to be involved to make it more fun and successful. 

Goal:  Teach Gun Safety and have fun competing in BB Gun matches for youth 8 -15 years of age.  

BYSS 2016 main season has ended, now the national shooters will continue on up the match in July.

2016 BYSS has begun!!!    We have many new shooters and are looking forward to a great hear. 

Shooters:  Recommend bringing in your own goggles and a mat to shoot on.  Each shooter must have registered and paid their 2016 dues of $30 before they can practice with us.

Coaches:  Recommend bringing binoculars (it will help align your shooter shots)

Practices:  Monday or Thursdays.  We start shooting at 6:30 pm, please arrive by 6:15 pm to help setup.  We will aim to be done about 8:00 pm followed by a team effort to pick up.  Watch for weather cancellations. 

MN State Match (2016) - Final Results (excel)

Weekly (Monday or Thursday) Practices:  Rockford Township Hall, just off of Hwy 55 -  3039 Dague Ave. SE, Buffalo MN 

2016 Board Members and Parent and Family members help is needed -- please email or send us a message by clicking on the Contact Us tab on top of page. 

** Shooters, please review: 2016 Rules for 5 Meter BB Gun Competition

BYSS 2016 Year at a Glance!

01/11/16 - NEW and Current Members Safety Program starts

01/25/16 – ALL Register Members/Shooters start (required meeting)

03/05/16 - Spink County in Doland, SD (first Saturday of March)
03/12/16 - Highmore SD
03/19/16 - Marshall County in Britton, SD

04/02/16 – Pierre, SD (state match qualifier for nationals)

04/­­09/16 – Douglas County in Armour, SD

04/16/16 – Humboldt in Montrose, SD

04/23/16 – Buffalo State Match

05/02/16 – BYSS National Team Practice – starts (Monday and/or Thursday)

05/05/16 – End of Season banquet and Raffle Drawing

Buffalo Days June 14-21: Park clean-up, Cub grocery bagging, beer garden, and parade cleanup.

06/15/16 – Buffalo Days: Setup Garbage Cans – Parking lots near Lillians

06/17/16 - Buffalo Days: Setup Garbage Cans – Sturges Park

06/17/16 - Setup and Run beer garden

06/18/16 – Buffalo Days: Pick up trash in Sturges park (AM)

06/18/16 – Buffalo Days: Cub grocery bagging (min 8+ shooters, 2+ parents/coaches at all times) 9am – 3pm

06/18/16 – Parade (in the parade and then around again to pick up trash) 12+ shooters and 6+ adults

06/18/16 – After parade or separate group – pick up and place ALL garbage bins pack to starting/found point

6/30-7/4 - BB Gun Nationals in Rogers Arkansas

========================Notes from last year

National Team Match (2015)

1.      Ian Pappenfus        

2.      Carter Friendshuh   

3.      Colton Friendshuh  

4.      Josh Kath            

5.      Ellie Madsen        

6.      Jakobi Nichols(alt.) 

7.      Hailey Strenge(alt.) 

Champion’s Match (2015)

1.      Cole Madsen          

2.      Leah Taylor          

3.      Colby Abnet         

4.      Anna Abnet          

Club fee per shooter remains at JUST $30 this includes gun safety training for the new and existing members, and the following practice weeks leading up to nationals.
** More changes coming, monthly if not weekly.  Please check website regularly.

Quick Notes:

End of Season Banquet is 5/5/16 at the Rockford Township Hall 6:30.

Voting for new board members will be taking place.  See Julie or other board members for details.

All 2016 BYSS member meeting Thursday 4/28 at 6:30 at the Rockford Town Hall

BYSS State Match

Saturday 4/23

Buffalo High School 

Main and #2 Gym by the auditorium.

8:00 for check-in.

Click: Match Schedule

We are now selling our annual gun raffle tickets, just $10.  Shooters, please pick up a packet or two to sell at your next practice.

BYSS is a 501c3. Non-profit youth organization

Fun!  Fun!  Fun!   Check out the photos and videos below, click on a photo to see more

BYSS 501c3  #31270